Predictive Analytics.
Unquestionable Results

  • Damstra's workplace management platform gathers huge amounts of data on workers, assets, learning and safety incidents
  • Turn this information into meaningful safety, compliance and efficiency insights that have a very real impact on the bottom line
  • Real-time dashboards and alerts available anytime, anywhere integrated across the Damstra product suite 
  • With reporting tools and advanced analytics at your fingertips!

How Damstra Predictive Analytics works

Watch in real time
More than


Days lost to injury

Increase effectiveness


Increase in learning retention

Save time


Reduction in time to  register & verify plant

More than


Reduction in common law payments

More than


Reduction in work cover premiums



Reduction in compensation payments

Predictive Analytics Modules

Intuitive, real-time dashboards & alerts

Intuitive, real-time dashboards & alerts

Quickly get the pulse of what's happening in your business. 

View real-time dashboards broken down by time, location, site, type of employees, templates and more.

Use the key metrics dashboard to improve safety, compliance and efficiency of workplace

Turn your data into actionable insights!

Easy-to-use reporting suite & templates

Easy-to-use reporting suite & templates

Quickly get a pulse of what's happening in your business. 

View performance reports broken down by time, location, department, employees, templates and more.

Integrated across workforce management, access control, asset tracking, learning and HSE management.

Turn your data into actionable insights!

Advanced and predictive analytics

Advanced and predictive analytics

Advanced and predictive analytics is designed to find the patterns in your data that reveal meaningful insights that can have a very real impact on your bottom line. 

Advanced analytics draws on statistical models to dig automatically through enormous amounts of data, searching for patterns.

At the end of the day, Damstra analytics tools help you to get the most out of your data helping you find the safety, compliance and efficiency insights the really matter.

Turn your workplace data into insights

  • Easily identify the areas of your business that could be improved and take action to improve safety, compliance and quality
  • With detailed, automatically generated reports, you’ll get real-time insight into what’s happening on site
  • Instantly know what actions have been assigned, are in progress, or completed in the Actions dashboard

Case Study

How analytics drives zero lost time incidents

Port Corp is Australia’s fifth largest port. The port environment presents many potentially hazardous situations for employees who work on ships, boats and other small vessels that are docked where heavy machinery is in operation.

Port Corp's goal of zero lost-time accidents is being met with the implementation of Damstra HSE management and Predictive analytics. It helps management identifying and understanding the risks within the workplace environment. 

Through Damstra’s state-of-the-art recording, managing and reporting tools, Port Corp has been effective in better controlling and reducing workplace incidents.

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