eCompliance management,
so you can focus on your people

  • Organisations have a duty of care to provide a safe and responsible environment for employees, contractors and visitors
  • Damstra is the only solution that covers all site compliance requirements from incident & hazard management, to SWMS & RAMS, electronic team communications 
  • Our world-class HSE management tool is fully integrated to provide live HSE metrics
  • Easy-to-use tool allowing supervisors to focus on their employees and contractors

How Damstra HSE Management works

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HSE management modules

Digital incident and hazard management

Digital incident and hazard management

  • Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen
  • Conduct investigations
  • Determine their impact and 
  • Monitor them until the case is closed.

SWMS & RAMS management

SWMS & RAMS management

SWMS module is where each step of a task, potential hazard, risks and controls can be listed. Potential hazards, risks and controls can be recorded against the tasks identified. 

Within this module hazards and corrective actions can be created, describing how the identified risks will be controlled and what control measures will be put in pace for these identified risks.

module allows you to identify risks associated with any assessment type including plant, type, and site assessments.

Electronic consultation management

Electronic consultation management

  • Electronic, Consultation Management allows you to schedule meetings online, record minutes and assign actions
  • Suitable for Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, etc
  • Electronically records attendance and records the audio of the whole meeting. schedule safety meetings
  • Swipe your mobile to record attendance!

Paperless safety audits and inspections

Paperless safety audits and inspections

  • Paperless safety audits and inspection from anywhere, anytime
  • Create custom checklists. Perform inspections from anywhere. 
  • Create custom workflows to manage issues identified in audits and inspections.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting.

We take care of compliance for you!

  • Smart forms with a drop and drag form builder
  • Complete inspections from anywhere, anytime on the tablet or your mobile
  • Build workflows to manage all HSE procedures online
  • Reporting and analytics to improve safety and compliance integrated with all the Damstra workplace management products

Case Study

Gladstone Regional Council - Increasing safety improves the bottom line

Gladstone Council employs 750 people and wanted to improve their safety management performance but was unsure which way to go. The council wanted to upgrade councils systems and align them to Australian standards and go from a paper based system to a real-time, electronic reporting environment.

The Damstra platform gave the Council the data and information to launch and redefine their policy and corporate standards framework, bringing them in line with Australian Standards.

The biggest area of opportunity was the combination of lost days and claims and the Council is now able to tell which departments were having the most lost days, what types of roles they perform, and drill down to see what is going on.

The implementation of Damstra's HSE platform and approach to  managing risk, incidents, return to work, and safety management has resulted in a significant cost reduction and bottom line improvement for Gladstone Regional Council:

  • A gross reduction in Statutory Claims of approximately $405,000 Year on Year
  • A net improvement of $255,000 after costs
  • Lost time days reduced from  1000 to 160 in the current year
  • Reduction of insurance premium of approx. $80,000

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