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Damstra temperature & facial recognition solution success


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Damstra new generation temperature and facial recognition solution early success

Damstra Holdings Limited (Damstra or the Company, ASX:DTC), an Australian-based provider of integrated workplace management solutions, is pleased to announce it has secured a range of client orders for its next generation fever detection facial recognition solution since its recent launch.

  • The solution will be deployed in various industries across Australia and North America, at this stage the solution will be deployed at 40 different locations
  • The value of the confirmed commitments are estimated to generate $700,000 of annual recurring revenue
  • Early contract wins and ongoing client enquiry has provided strong validation of the product investment and market opportunity

Pleasingly, the solution is being deployed on multiple projects and industries. These include the M80 Freeway, Westgate Tunnel, Football Stadium, a North American private school, North American energy facility and numerous mining sites in Australia.

Damstra facial recognition and temperature sensing products have enhanced features, where clients are able to increase protection of their workforces, staff and students, while reducing requirement for human interaction. Our unique temperature sensing solution is integrated into the Damstra platform and includes:

  • Solution for large worksites and workforces
  • An education offering including Damstra’s fully integrated facial recognition with a temperature sensing solution to enhance the safety of all staff and students on a school campus
  • Automatic temperature measurement, highly accurate to 99.9% or +/-0.2 degrees Celsius
  • Safe and contactless measurement at 1.5m distance
  • Fully integrated with access control to ensure workers with elevated temperatures are not denied entrance
  • Alerts triggered in real-time to key staff members by SMS or email if anyone with an elevated temperature is detected, allowing them to act quickly
  • Real-time alerts with daily, weekly, monthly reporting options
  • All temperatures can be recorded against individual Damstra profiles for verification purposes

Around the world, as companies prepare for a return of staff to working locations, product enhancements to the Damstra access control solution now provide the ability to test, track, trace and train in a highly scalable manner and using anonymised individual data for exception management. It is not just about temperature sensing but also about individual traceability, tracking data and proximity solutions.

Damstra CEO, Mr Christian Damstra, said, “We have extended our product offering to incorporate new cutting edge temperature detection solutions. Doing so is a seamless inclusion into existing infrastructure which makes the Damstra platform a truly integrated and complete solution for small and large businesses.”

“Including our response to rapidly changing client needs given the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Damstra continues to drive innovation across our hardware and SaaS product range. We have increased R&D investment and the development and delivery of this new module was completed in less than 12 weeks, demonstrating Damstra’s ability to continually innovate at speed.”

“It is clear from the significant enquiries we are receiving that organisations are focused on and anxious about how to manage staff and contractors who are returning to work and other places of employment as restrictions ease. Our new solution demonstrates the opportunity to sell this module to existing Damstra clients and also to facilitate our entry into new verticals like education.”


Authorised for release to ASX by the Board of Damstra.

Note to market: None of the information included in this announcement should be considered individually material, unless specifically stated.


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About Damstra

Damstra is an Australian-based provider of integrated workplace management solutions to multiple industry segments across the globe. The Company develops, sells and implements integrated hardware and software-asa-service (SaaS) solutions in industries where compliance and safety are of utmost importance. These solutions assist Damstra’s clients to better track, manage and protect their staff, contractors and their organisations, and to reduce the risks associated with worker health, safety and regulatory compliance.

The Company has been operating since 2002 and has grown from providing an Australian mining contractor management solution to an integrated workplace management solution provider with a growing client base in international markets.

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