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  • Workforce Management

    Tracks your workers across all work locations, including contractors and vendors, and ensures that all are approved and compliant to be onsite, preventing non-compliant people from entering. It ensures timecard precision so your payroll calculations will always be accurate and complete.

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  • Access Control

    Tracks access rights of everybody entering your work site. Employees and contractors are verified via a swipe card, biometric fingerprint, or facial recognition ensuring all workers are compliant to enter.

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  • Solo

    Protects, locates, and communicates with workers no matter where they are, and creates a safer and more productive working environment. Alerts and protects in real-time against collisions, falls, and dangerous situations with mobile and wearable technology.

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  • Asset Management

    Tracks assets, plant service/maintenance, and equipment calibration schedules so you can ensure your equipment is always working properly and is well maintained to promote workplace safety.

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  • Digital Forms

    Turns paper forms into easy-to-use apps that run on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Automates and digitizes data capture and form population to support virtually any process including inspections, incident investigations, audits, observation training checklists and other workplace safety initiatives.

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  • Damstra Safety

    Manages risk, compliance, and safety responsibilities to drive productivity, visibility, efficiency, and helps you make more informed decisions. Captures and records information, completes mobile inspections, seamlessly completes audits and investigations in the field, and measures compliance.

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  • eLearning

    Gives you the ability to ingest, modify or create engaging training modules and digitally manage the entire training lifecycle.

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  • Predictive Analytics

    Uses dashboards and analytics to track the entire workplace’s information in real time for such variables as time and attendance, hours worked, license expiration alerts, access control information, blood alcohol test reporting, skills matrix, and overstay and fatigue alerts.

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