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Asset management 2b Inventory & Asset Management Software

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Inventory & Asset Management Software

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  • Allows you to accurately track and maintain plant and equipment to ensure assets are fit for purpose
  • View in real-time where all your assets are, their usage, and maintenance and service history
  • Keep track of the maintenance and repair log for each asset understanding when it is time for maintenance
  • Ensure all equipment is calibrated at all time with the equipment calibration tool
  • Monitor that workers are licensed to operate plant and equipment

SmartAsset By Damstra 

  • Powerful and scalable tracking platform that helps you work smarter
  • Track, monitor, and maintain all your assets anytime, anywhere
  • Track each and every asset from the moment of its procurement to its disposal
  • Constantly monitor long-term assets so they remain in optimum condition at all times
  • Detailed insights into the asset lifecycle enable you to identify issues and schedule items for maintenance
  • Maximise the value of assets through online compliance management, fold tracking, warranties once fixed, and service history
  • Risk management to determine, assign, and utilise risk ratings for assets, integrating both likelihood of failure as well as consequence of failure
  • Download the SmartAsset brochure
Smart Asset

No Touch site access and tracking of plant with RFID

•Plant and Vehicle site access without the driver swiping a card

•Movement of plant tracked on site either on the surface or underground

• Integrated with tracking movement of workers and plant onsite – either on the surface or underground

•between predetermined zones with extreme accuracy

How it works:

•Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution fully integrated with Damstra Workforce, Access Control and Asset Management with readers are arranged to detect tags entering, leaving and moving between zones

•Interconnected by daisy chains Cat5/Cat 6 or fibre optic cable to a gateway/interface with additional redundancy through a point-to-point wireless network and battery backup

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Asset management modules

Digital plant management

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Digital plant management

Manage the full life-cycle of plant and ensure it is compliant at all time from

1. Set up - Set up registration and verification requirements for each asset

2. Registration - Contractor uploads asset-specific documentation

3. Verification - Damstra verifies documentation & approves asset

4. Site Inspection Booking - Contractor books site inspection in online calendar

5. Site Inspection - Onsite inspection questionnaires completed online in the field with ability to attach photos 

6. Site inspection Approval - Assign QR Code sticker in field

Efficient equipment management

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Efficient equipment management

Keep track of equipment from dispatch to distribution:

1. Equipment Set Up - Set up the equipment type in the system, including location

2. Dispatch Management - Dispatch equipment to site and location, track dispatch status (processing, packed, in transit, received)

3. Stock Management - Receiving in of equipment, equipment tracked by location and quantity

4. Loan Management - View equipment on loan by worker, location, history of loans

5. Reporting - Stock on hand, loan history, consumption

Real-time equipment calibration

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Real-time equipment calibration

Ensure equipment is always calibrated and fit for purpose:

1. Equipment Calibration Set Up - Set up the equipment type in the system

2. Equipment calibration - Set up equipment calibration questionnaire, QR stickers printed/in store

3. Equipment rental - Workers scans Damstra card, clicks check out equipment, conducts the calibration and removes item from store

4. Equipment return - Workers scans Damstra card, clicks check in equipment, conducts the calibration and returns the piece of equipment

5. Reporting - Stock on hand, equipment calibration failure rates, loan equipment not returned

One platform, one place for digital asset management

  • Supplier completes registration online & Damstra verifies and approves if applicable
  • Supplier completes online registration of assets, and uploads required documents
  • Damstra verifies documentation and certifications approves plant item to proceed to onsite inspection
  • Company books onsite inspection via online calendar
  • Onsite inspection questionnaires are completed online, in the field
  • Photos can be attached showing the condition of asset
  • Conduct onsite plant inspection to make sure plant is compliant
  • Issue access authorisation sticker for compliant plant to enter site
  • Ensure only qualified, compliant workers operate plant on site
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How Damstra Asset Management works

Watch in real time
Save time


Reduction in time to  register & verify plant

Save money


Reduction in cost of registration & verification

Increase productivity


Increase in number of inspections due to time savings in asset registration

Case Study

Digital plant management in the construction industry

A major Australian Construction Company, as part of its technology strategy wanted to shift plant management online ensuring all large-scale assets on site are fit for purpose and operators have the necessary competencies to operate them.

The implemenation of Damstra's plant management module allows the Company to register their own plant, Damstra verifies the documentation and approves plant online.

The OHS inspection team conduct the onsite inspection and issues the site access QR sticker. Onsite, plant search allows the Construction Company to check approval, expiries for each plant item and ensure staff have the competencies to operate them

This solution has significant increased the Construction Company's productivity through:

  • A significant reduction in the time it takes to register and verify plant from 5-6 hours per item to 1 hour.
  • Cost reduction in the cost of plant registration.
  • Opportunity to increase focus on onsite inspections and safety inspections and prevention of safety incidents.
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