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Digital Forms

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Digital risk management

  • Capture and manage your organisation’s data in real-time, enabling everyone in the field, and in the office, to know what is going on, make better decisions, and get more done
  • Reduce rework, be more productive, and achieve excellence
  • Only solution that covers all site compliance requirements from incident management, to SWMS & RAMS, to pre-starts and toolbox talks all integtrated in the Damstra Enterprise Protection Platform
  • The AI Site Assistant allows you to ask questions, and get answers, when and where you need them

Connected to protect the key investment areas of any organisation

Integrated across the Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP), Digital Forms help protect your world, reduce costs, and increase compliance & safety.

Damstra’s Digital Forms support the key investment areas of any organisation, People, Places, Assets, and Information and enable:

  • Prepared People – with onsite assessment of competencies
  • Safe Workplaces – Inspection forms, hazards…
  • Connected Assets – Asset inspection forms
  • Accessible information – Site assistant

Digital Forms enable data to be captured anywhere and anytime, and is recorded in the EPP, so the forms are pre-populated with the correct information, and the data is updated in real-time. All forms and data are automatically added to employee profiles and are easily accessed for real-time information from one source of truth.

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Digital risk management modules

Paperless safety audits and inspections

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Paperless safety audits and inspections

  • Paperless safety audits and inspection from anywhere, anytime
  • Create custom checklists. Perform inspections from anywhere. 
  • Create custom workflows to manage issues identified in audits and inspections.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting.

Digital incident and hazard management

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Digital incident and hazard management

  • Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen
  • Conduct investigations
  • Determine their impact and 
  • Monitor them until the case is closed.

SWMS & RAMS management

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SWMS & RAMS management

SWMS module is where each step of a task, potential hazard, risks and controls can be listed. Potential hazards, risks and controls can be recorded against the tasks identified. 

Within this module hazards and corrective actions can be created, describing how the identified risks will be controlled and what control measures will be put in pace for these identified risks.

module allows you to identify risks associated with any assessment type including plant, type, and site assessments.

Pre-starts & Toolbox Talks

Pre-starts & Toolbox Talks

Create your interactive safety sessions to help focus your workforce on safety, reinforce your key messages, and to ensure that everyone is fit for duty.

Login participants and keep records with supporting documents.

One connected digital forms solution

  • Go paperless with easy to use drag & drop templates, and form editor
  • Pre-populate forms with the latest data pushed from the EPP
  • Digital signatures
  • Create approval and inspection workflows
  • Specify corrective actions and non-conformances, and assign to workers
  • Work through and close actions
  • Attach notes, and photos & pictures with annotations
  • Map on-site locations with GPS
  • AI assistance with Damstra’s site assistant on the mobile
  • Share comprehensive reports immediately after the inspection
  • Track progress with real-time data
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Digitisation of Risk Management

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Damstra's Digital Forms integrate with most platforms and apps. Contact us to find out more!

Case Study

Major mining company increases safety & protection with digital forms in the Damstra EPP

A major mining company working across multiple sites was already using Damstra’s Prepared People solutions in the EPP, and needed to digitise forms & flows as 50,000 forms were being completed each month, which represents 600,000 forms per year!

As part of Damstra’s EPP, digital forms were chosen to be used in the field across sites, ensuring protection and increased safety, with automatically updated data against workers’ profiles ensuring the correct information across the organisation  for prepared people & safe workplaces.

Since implementing Digital Forms across the organisation, massive cost and time savings are being made, representing $5 million AUD per year. Safety and protection has been enhanced due to automations, data quality has improved, as well as improved communications.

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