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Learning Management System

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  • Transform enterprise learning with our unique multi-lingual platform, our virtual reality capabilities, and our ease of use on any device, anywhere at anytime
  • Fully integrated into the Damstra Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) ensuring prepared people
  • Future-proof your enterprise training with the latest technology on a global scale
  • Damstra’s L&D team consult in helping you create the most engaging and interactive digital, and face to face courses

Build a high -performance safety culture with the Mindful Safety program

Empower your people to apply safety skills to every task with mindful, high-performance thinking strategies towards achieving zero harm, and positively change your people’s belief systems to create ongoing and innate behaviour changes about safety.

Damstra’s digital Mindful Safety program contributes to a resilient organisation with high-performing people who have a clear and focused mind at each shift, through changing & aligning safety culture beliefs through mindfulness techniques.

  • Increase risk awareness
  • Increase safety attitude
  • Increase emotional control
  • Increase safety aptitude

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Learning Management Modules

Inspired Learning Management

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Inspired Learning Management

Want better ways to onboard new hires, manage compliance training, upskill staff, or demonstrate your offerings to partners or prospects?

  • Upload existing training materials and automatically convert into interactive modules. or create and edit content in app with the content editor
  • Automate scheduling of training based on rules, learning paths, module learning success
  • Learn anywhere on the go with mobile app access
  • Intuitive, real-time dashboard and easy reporting tool

Training Needs Analysis

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Training Needs Analysis

  • Create learning path for your team to develop your organisational capability of the future
  • Plan ahead for the your future workforce and skills requirements
  • Create achievements for skills development

eLearning Course Development

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eLearning Course Development

  • Use our expert team of instructional and media designers to help you build best practice eLearning modules with engaging content
  • Consult our team on the lasted learning and development trends and how to incorporate blended and micro-learning into your training strategy
  • Or by content off-the-shelf from the Damstra Learning Market place

360 Degree Virtual Reality Courses

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360 Degree Virtual Reality Courses

Welcome to the future of learning. Did you know that learners recall up to 90% of their training content in VR lessons? In contrast, 90% of what is learnt via traditional classroom methods is forgotten after one month.

  • The Damstra VR training app is an exciting app that allows you to watch 360-degree video on your smartphone and mobile VR viewer
  • Immerse yourself in deeper training experiences
  • Experience more fun, especially in compliance training..
  • Inject more fun into training and immerse learners in a deeper learning experience while keeping them safe

Integrated, intuitive & inspired learning

  • Create your own content , or upload existing materials
  • Purchase off the shelf content
  • Our professional services team can create video lessons for you
  • Empower your team to create professional lesson modules with our built-in video editor
  • Import your user list or automatically add users through single sign-on integration
  • Automatically schedule courses using the scheduling rules
  • Link a lesson to a group and add people to be automatically assigned that lesson
  • Easily reschedule lessons

  • Users can watch online training videos and take quizzes & assessments on their mobile
  • Assigned lessons can be viewed and results tracked
  • The company's training library can be easily accessed
  • Capture training results in real-time
  • Run reports and view each user's Skills Matrix to make better business decisions
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How Damstra Learning Management works

Watch in real time

Case Study

AHG reduced training admin time by over 85%

Australia’s largest automotive retailer wanted to ensure that their standards for compliance, workshop operations, and general health and safety are effectively communicated to more than 7,000 employees in over 100 dealerships.

In the past, following up all dealerships, tracking overdue training, and keeping up with other administrative matters was a lengthy and time-consuming chore.

AHG commissioned Damstra to create five engaging multimedia training videos with updated content to replace their old videos which used static images and words.

Through the learning management platform, AHG set up instantly trackable groups with their particular training requirements.

Switching to Damstra reduced training administration time from 2 days a week to 2 hours a week, saving the business for the extra administrative headcount required.

For a company as large as AHG, managing all training activities from a single platform reaped huge benefits. AHG now creates, distributes and has complete control of all their training online. 

AHG’s Human Resources Manager - Projects, Adam von Berg, reinforces the importance of well-detailed reporting of key information required by site administrators:

"Damstra learning management provides our people with timely information to do their jobs well and to maintain safe work practices consistently across our network. I am happy that the scalability of the platform helps us manage a growing volume of training activities with confidence and ease: 10 sites requiring training have been added to our network since we started using Velpic and more are expected in future."

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