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About Us

Keeping Communities Safe Since 1989

MePACS is a 24/7 fast response personal alarm service responded to by real people, based in Australia. We have been keeping communities safe for over 30 years and we’re also one of the largest personal alarm services in Australia, backed by a Public Health Provider – Peninsula Health.

We have over 40,000 clients who trust us to keep them safe and independent at home, when out and about and even at work, with all profits re-invested back into public health.

From our senior clients, people living with chronic conditions and disabilities to lone workers out in the community, MePACS provides the highest level of customer service in a professional and caring manner, giving peace of mind to both our clients and their family.

Once you have pressed your button on the MePACS personal alarm, our friendly, trained response team will answer within 2 minutes. We are here for you any time of the day or night.

Damstra and MePACS Solo Colloboration:

MePACS Solo – The 24/7 Personal Alarm Service available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

One stylish and discreet device for home and away, with the MePACS response service by trained professionals on hand 24/7.

With unbeatable peace of mind, the revolutionary MePACS Solo Watch is packed with features including falls detection that automatically sends alerts to MePACS, heart rate and steps monitoring and GPS technology. It is fully water-resistant and can even tell the time.

All this in one single device. Ideal for seniors and people with disabilities, the MePACS Solo Watch supports an independent and active lifestyle with the peace of mind that if you need help, guaranteed assistance is on hand.

MePACS are the sole service provider for the Victorian Government funded Personal Alert Victoria (PAV) program, which is available free of charge to eligible clients living in Victoria. Click here for more details.

Phone Number

+61 1800 451 300