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Tradeworx are experts in software and systems for the Construction industry. We are independent and have partnered with a wide range of software providers to bring you the best of breed options available.

Tradeworx has a long history in construction and has always strived to understand what differentiates high performing construction businesses from those that don’t perform as well. In most cases and in our experience it starts with a business information and management solution that enables the following: understanding the estimating rates used in terms of labour and materials, allocating labour, materials and resources against job milestones in real time, linking field operations to a centralised administration for example; Health and Safety, Purchase Orders, Daily Diaries, Variances etc, making sure you are charged what you were quoted and that you are compliant.

None of these are linked to not working hard enough, they are about systems and information in real time so you can make informed decisions ahead of time – while you can do something about it.


208 Madras Street, CBD, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand


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Australia: 1800 732 653

NZ: +64 03 377 8824