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Solo Satellite

Continuous connectivity,

Keeping workers connected, and protected

  • In-vehicle solution for a connected workforce
  • Allows continuous connectivity for Solo mobile and wearables in the most remote areas
  • Alerts can be raised, so you can act quickly to get help to your remote workers
  • Brings peace of mind, and increases productivity

Solo Satellite

Solo Satellite extends the use of Solo Mobile and wearables for workers who are primarily in, or in proximity to their vehicle in the most remote areas where there is no standard connectivity, keeping remote workers connected and protected as they travel to or through blackspots.

  • Start, end, pause and resume a Solo session
  • Raise or cancel an alert
  • Location data with GPS or nearby beacons
  • SoloDrive behaviour and data is captured

The switch is seamless from cellular to satellite mode, and requires no device change, providing peace of mind that alerts can be raised if needed, and help sent.

Protecting your drivers

Solo Satellite is ideal for organisations in transport, logistics, and healthcare where workers go in and out of standard connectivity areas.

  • Delivery fleets
  • Remote maintenance workers
  • Livestock transportation & loading
  • Interstate drivers
  • Remote healthcare services, on the road or in the air

Damstra Solo Satellite

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