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Growing performance & safety with Damstra's Enterprise Protection Platform

Protecting your world & reducing unforeseen risk

We are driven by protecting the four largest areas of business investment through our orchestrate solutions on the Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP), our people, & commitment to continuous innovation, customer relationships, & success

  • People - Employees & contractors
  • Places - Permanent or temporary locations
  • Assets - Fixed, mobile, & all other operational assets
  • Information - All business data, analytics, & integration
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How you can protect your world with Orchestrate Solutions every step of the way, no matter your starting point

Areas of investment & risk

The four largest areas of business investment, are also the four largest areas of business risk

People, places, assets, & information

Challenges & obstacles

Aligning capabilities to reliably achieve business objectives while reducing uncertainty & risk along the way

Requirements & solution

Protect productivity, performance, safety, & investment through having the right resource, with the right skill & ability, at the right place, and at the right time, every time.

Delivering resource orchestration for increased business protection

We deliver protection benefits through the careful application of technology, product, experience, and relationships 

  • Opportunity benefit - Needed resources at the right time & right place
  • Investment benefit - Better qualify, monitor, improve, and link resources to investments
  • Resource performance benefit- Superior, predictable, & sustainable resources consistently accomplishing goals & objectives
  • Achievement benefit - The velocity, quality, & profitability of outcomes, from strategy through to achievement
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Our team

Christian New Website

Christian Damstra

Chief Executive Officer, Brisbane, AU

Sam Marciano

Sam Marciano

Chief Commercial Officer, Sydney AU

Team katja

Katja Voegele

Chief Product Officer, Melbourne, AU

Team seb

Seb Culbert

Chief Global Operations Officer, Sydney, AU

Team damien

Damien Camilleri

Chief Technology Officer, Sydney, AU

Brice Elliott

Brice Elliott

EVP and General Manager, Americas & EMEA

Photo Paul Burrows cropped

Paul Burrows

Chief Financial Officer, Melbourne, AU

Committed to making workplaces efficient Committed to making workplaces efficient

Commited to making workplaces safer and more efficient

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