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Workforce R Total Workforce Management System

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Total Workforce Management System

Workforce 1
  • Powerful cloud-based, workforce management platform available anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure all workers are approved to be on site and compliant at all times
  • Manage the entire lifecycle from worker registration and verification to induction and on-site performance
  • Accurately track time and attendance integrated with your other systems
  • Intuitive live dashboards to manage competency and fatigue alerts, notifications and reports

Workforce Management Modules


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Gain full visibility on your workforce's safety, and protect, connect, and inform teams & workers, while creating a safer work environment.

  • Lone worker safety
  • Solo Drive
  • Biometrics
  • Fall detection
  • Mental health & wellbeing

Solo is available on the mobile & with the latest wearable smartwatch technology with alerts & notifications, geofencing zones, check-ins, panic alerts, and fall & collision detection.

Online Supplier Registration

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Online Supplier Registration

Save time & money by suppliers registering online

Contracting companies are able to register online and upload all the information and documentation you require to verify and approve a supplier. This includes:

  • Business registration numbers
  • Registered and trading names
  • Physical and postal address
  • Contact person
  • Insurance documentation
  • Licenses etc

Damstra’s Supplier Registration module is completely configurable to meet your specific requirements.

Online Worker Registration

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Online Worker Registration

Save time &  money by workers registering online

Workers and contractors are able to upload all the information and documentation you require to verify and approve a worker. This includes:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • First aid certificate
  • Qualifications
  • Photos etc.

Damstra’s Worker Registration module is completely configurable to meet your specific requirements,

Independent Verification

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Independent Verification

100% verification of documentation

Damstra independently verifies all documents and certifications provided by contracting companies, suppliers and workers to ensure skills and competency requirements are met.

Requirements verified by Damstra include:

  • Validity of passports
  • Expiry dates of driver's licenses
  • Photo IDs
  • Expiry dates of qualifications
  • Insurance details.

We review all registration requests within your required time frames and liaise with the contractor directly via chat, email or phone, if any qualification requirements are not met.

Online Induction Management

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Online Induction Management

What if you could get your employees and contractors inducted and on the job faster? 

Damstra's award winning online induction platform allows you to create and deliver online induction training courses and site inductions for employees and contractors. 

Whether you induct workers online, face-to-face onsite, or a combination of both, Damstra's flexible system can be customised to suit your needs and site induction requirements.

Time and Attendance Onsite

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Time and Attendance Onsite

Know who is on your site at any time in real-time! 
Once all requirements have been met, Damstra will issue site access cards allowing only compliant workers to the access site.

This provides you with critical information in managing your workforce. Through simple searches, you can:

  • Search who is on-site in real-time
  • Check for workers with specific skills and see if they are on site
  • Audit skills and see who's skills are expiring in the next 30, 60 or 90 days
  • With a QR code reader to make searches faster

Know what's going on at all times!

  • Register suppliers and workers online
  • Configurable registration to meet your requirements
  • Independent verification of documents
  • Award winning online induction platform
  • Create and deliver induction training courses
  • Induct workers online, face-to-face on-site or a combination of both
  • Customisable to meet your requirements
  • Damstra issues site cards only to compliant workers
  • Search for workers with specific skills on-site
  • Audit skills to see whose are expiring 
  • Make searches faster with a QR reader
  • Visibility of what is going on at all sites/projects at any time
  • Intuitive live dashboards 
  • Flexible, customisable analytics tools
  • Automatic sms or email alerts
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How Damstra Workforce Management works

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Vaccination Management

Meet the needs of WA's mandate, and other states requirements around Australia with Damstra's instantly deployable, and scalable COVID-19 vaccination management  solution.

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A powerful and reliable platform easily scalable to meet your needs

More than

2 million

Work hours captured every month

More than


Compliance alerts sent every month

More than


Drug and alcohol tests every month

More than

7 million

Work hours protected per month

More than


Incidents captured per annum

Case Study

Digitalisation of workforce management

Damstra partnered with a global company to deliver increased safety and efficiency

  • 20,000+ workers
  • Across 4 continents
  • Digitalisation of workforce management processes to provide real-time visibility of the workforce across the globe

The global company sought a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage its large, global workforce, and ensure health and safety standards.

Damstra Technology deployed an integrated badging technology globally for all employees, contractors, and visitors. This provides dependable, real-time information on:

  • Who is on site, and where did they last badge in?
  • Are they qualified to be on site with the required credentials and certification?

The Damstra solution transformed the manual sign-in/sign off process to:

  • Digitalise timesheets for employees and contractors and integrate into payroll and ERP systems
  • Establish an infrastructure for improved safety and security for employees and contractors through global badging technology
  • Automate and significantly improve the worker experience for restrictions, certifications, payroll, shift & work access, and drug and alcohol screening
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Track people via RFID on site to reduce risk &  elevate safety

• Damstra's RFID people tracking solution is purpose-built for tracking personnel to locate a worker instantly, require real-time visibility of a specific zone on your site or demand a rapid way for electronic mustering

• Integrated with tracking movement of plant and workers onsite – either on the surface or underground between predetermined zones with extreme accuracy

How it works:

•RFID solution fully integrated with Damstra Workplace platform with readers are arranged to detect tags entering, leaving and moving between zones. The tag talks to a beacon in a zone to say where the person is

•Interconnected by daisy chains Cat5/Cat 6 or fibre optic cable to a gateway/interface with additional redundancy through a point-to-point wireless network and battery backup

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