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Precision Farming

Precision farming

About Us

Precision Farming gives you all five stages in farm management:

Many farm data storage systems offer only the middle three stages. Precision Farming improves these three stages and then adds an extra valuable stage at each end.

  1. Precision Farming generates automatic, accurate farm data in real time from sensors, GPS devices, flow meters etc, and automatically uploads this information.
  2. Complimentary data can be added manually in the Precision system if required. With many other systems, farm data has to be entered by hand.
  3. Every modern farm information system stores data securely in the cloud. What's important is that the data stored is accurate, complete and immediate. Inaccurate, incomplete paper records moved to the cloud are still inaccurate and incomplete.
  4. Precision reports are fact-based and can be audited back to their source data, whereas reports generated from imperfect manual records can result in compliance submissions to councils and other reports being inaccurate. And accurate reports are the foundation of accurate decisions.
  5. Precision enables farmers to then implement their decisions electronically, whether that be ordering a spreader, turning off a pump or starting an irrigator. These electronic orders then send completion records back to step 1 to start the cycle again.

The Farm Management Platform - Helping farmers transform the way they decide & delegate with:

  • GIS Farm Mapping
  • Annual Fert Planning
  • Notify Spreader
  • Auto-GPS Proof-of-Application
  • NPK Reporting
  • Custom Mixes
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Automatic Pasture Reading
  • Feed Wedge
  • Feed Budget
  • Fail-Safe Effluent Monitoring
  • Touch Screen Effluent Control
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • GPS Guidance Systems

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