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Enterprise Protection Platform - EHS & HSE Software

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Orchestrating Across Resources to Manage Your Most Valuable Assets

More than ever, companies are looking for innovative, future-proof, and technology-enabled ways to keep their most important resources protected and also in compliance. Key to this is the concept of orchestration, which connects all your disparate, existing technology investments to leverage their full potential and maximize your overall business value.

Damstra lets you orchestrate all your most important resources with our unique Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP). This cloud-based SaaS platform offers actionable insights that enables and automates business processes and data flows related to your security, training, and safety requirements.

Our EPP links together with your existing third-party tools and technologies — in real-time — to maximize investment performance and utilization, while providing a 360-degree view of your resources to improve decision making and reduce incident management and operational risk.

  • People

    so each employee is prepared and equipped to do their jobs under a reliable safety program

  • Workplaces

    to keep them safe from operational risk and productive on the job

  • Assets

    to connect your management tools, equipment, reporting, safety management software, and more

  • Information

    that you can readily access to stay safe, compliant, for better sustainability and risk management

  • Reputation

    to maintain business continuity and growth by following regulatory compliance processes

The EPP delivers outstanding business value by letting you orchestrate across all of your existing systems, processes, and locations while tracking EHS performance. It works with the solutions you already have while ensuring that the right resources are in the right place at the right time—and openly communicating with each other—to maximize your overall safety compliance, performance and business advantage.

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Connect Your World

Your organization has invested in technologies, processes, and software solutions such as ERP, CRM, BI, and more. Damstra’s EPP lets you link these together, enabling a comprehensive application for safety management, and a view into security, training, and workplace safety - all connected and operating in real time. 

The EPP delivers outstanding business value by letting your company orchestrate across all your solutions and processes and gives you visibility across all your human and physical assets, systems, processes, and locations to have a clear risk assessment. By working with your existing technologies, you optimize your current investments and don’t have to rip and replace anything as other solutions often require. If a software tool is working well for you, simply integrate it into the EPP to maximize your ROI.

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