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Prepared People

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Prepare Your People for Safety and Success

Whether permanent employees or contractors, your workers are the heart of your business and need to be prepared and protected at all times. How do you ensure that they go home in the same condition as when they arrived?

Damstra's Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) keeps your people safe and ready for work every day. It digitizes the processes and tools you need to track, train, and manage your people to ensure that your workers are connected and protected for the greatest performance and value contribution. It also tracks that your workers have the appropriate skills, experience, current certifications, and training to keep your entire company and workplaces safe. Prepared people are safe and successful people.

  • Workforce Management

    Ensures all workers are approved and compliant to be on your site

  • eLearning

    Digitizes inductions, training, and management by systematically attaching important documents and certifications to each worker record and managing renewals.

  • Solo

    Provides wearables for lone worker safety and preparedness, biometrics, contact tracing, fall detection, and continuous connectivity.

  • Digital Forms

    Automates form creation and population and support inspections, incident investigations, audits, and other worker safety and preparedness initiatives.

1080x720 CSCS

Damstra's EPP sets the benchmark for rapid onboarding of employees and contractors, ensuring they can perform the work they're assigned. Because the platform provides real-time visibility into all your sites, people, processes, and systems, you can make better staffing decisions, track performance, and respond to problems quickly and easily. Damstra’s EPP supplies you with immediate visibility to problems and noncompliant situations so you can address and resolve them quickly - before they become risks or emergency situations.

In addition, the EPP does good work by helping to keep workplaces healthy from COVID-19 by automatically scanning temperatures prior to workplace entrance, leverages our facial recognition software for contact tracing, and automates the vaccine management process.

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