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Access Control System

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  • Introducing facial scanning and temperature detection to help protect your workplace from covid-19
  • Track access rights to the site and ensure all workers are compliant
  • Breath testing for alcohol with customised frequency and thresholds and drug testing
  • Real-time integration with turnstiles, gates, doors and lock management
  • Intuitive live dashboard to manage alerts, notifications and reports

Standalone solution for any workplace

Damstra's innovative, safe and highly accurate standalone solution can be rapidly deployed at any workplace, to help you better protect your workplace during the covid-19 pandemic.

Deployed at access points and reception for visitors, faces are scanned for identification and temperature detection with no manual intervention required, freeing up valuable resources in your organisation. 

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How it works

Employee walks towards the camera and the face is scanned for identification and the temperature is detected

A heat map is created, which is then translated into an automatic & highly accurate temperature measurement. Access is allowed if no elevated temperature is detected and a green light shows with a voice prompt 

If an elevated temperature is detected, a red light shows and access is denied. Real-time alerts are sent to key staff members to inform them, so they may act quickly and advise the person to seek medical advise

All results are automatically recorded against the corresponding Damstra profile

Enterprise temperature detection solution

Designed for large work sites and workforces, the highly accurate enterprise temperature detection solution identifies people with an elevated temperature, which triggers access disablement, and alerts supervisors, so you can act instantly to protect your site.

The enterprise solution consists of the facial scanning and thermal imaging camera as an add on to the Damstra terminal which is fully integrated into Damstra's access control platform.

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How it works

Camera measures body temperature (with or without facial recognition)

The worker/visitor follows the instructions on the Damstra terminal for identification

The temperature of the worker is recorded against their Damstra profile

If access login is denied due to an elevated temperature, alerts are instantly sent to supervisors and a triage team via sms and email, so they may act quickly

Access Control Modules

Terminals with inbuilt verification

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Terminals with inbuilt verification

Damstra's innovative range of terminals

Log-in terminals with an easy-to-use interface with touch screen displays that are secure and intelligent and have in-built manager level functionality. 

Sophisticated bio-metric technology, either via finger scanning or facial recognition verifies employee’s identities eliminating “buddy punching":

  • Wall-mounted, standing or desk terminals
  • Card access control systems with individual access cards, card reader, Tap-and-go access, HID key fob
  • Sticker printers, temporary identification, RFID

Integrated Alcohol and Drug Testing

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Integrated Alcohol and Drug Testing

Alcolizers are fully integrated with Damstra’s log in terminals to allow blood alcohol content (BAC) testing of both permanents, contractor and visitors at the login stage. 

The Alcolizer can be configured to the level of testing required by your site, including limited or random selection, voluntary testing, testing all or a percentage of people attending your site.

For non-compliant BAC readings, the manager is sent an alert via email, txt, and or push notification.

All the BAC results are stored in the Damstra platform and can be easily accessed through the BAC, real-time report.

Turnstiles, gates & doors

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Turnstiles, gates & doors

Access control terminals fully integrated with turnstiles, gates, doors and locks

Vehicle Entry and Exit Options

  • Boom and sliding gates
  • Bollards and wedges
  • Emergency stops and deployment walls

Human Entry and Exit Options

  • Door access control software with different hardware options
  • Turnstiles
  • Tripod barriers

Visitor management

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Visitor management

Visitor management is an ideal opportunity to showcase your company, its capabilities and efficiencies and address security and privacy issues.

Visitor information is invaluable to your business. By efficiently capturing personal and professional details you instantly reduce the possibility of security breaches, enhance the safety of all people onsite, meet compliance and regulatory requirements and establish a profile for return visits.

  • Visitor terminals: Desk mounted, Free-standing, Wall mounted, Mobile tablets including sticker and pass printing
  • Site inductions and access training
  • Visitor arrival announcements to host

Evacuation and Muster

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Evacuation and Muster

  • Integrated Emergency Evacuation system sounds alarm, opens all gates, puts turnstiles into free-spin
  • Sends an SMS to all workers within the specified evacuation area and 
  • Manages the muster list at muster points via multiple mobile devices
  • Data back up and storage offsite

One platform, one place for complete workforce access control

  • Track access rights of everybody entering the work site

Workers can be verified via a swipe card, bio-metric finger print or facial recognition and ensure all workers are compliant to enter the site

Real-time integration with turnstiles, gates, doors and lock management

Intuitive live dashboards and alerts to manage all your workplace tracking all workers and plant accessing and leaving site

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How Damstra's temperature detection solution works

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How Damstra Access Control Works

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Case Study

Increasing safety at St Vincent Hospital

Buildcorp partnered with Damstra to develop a solution that allows Buildcorp to restrict access to their high profile St Vincent's Hospital project to ensure safety of staff and patients

The turnstile solution includes features such as video monitoring, vocalised messages on entry or exit, the ability to restrict access if qualifications have expired and entry/exit point video display to impending qualification expiry, and drug and alcohol test selection.

Combining this with a sophisticated emergency evacuation system and built-in 24 hour video monitoring will mean that the site is secure at any time of the day or night. 

Ensuring that only authorised people are able to access the site is imperative to any project and even more so in a busy location such as the Sydney.

By pairing it with our efficient electronic face-to-face on-boarding process, workers who arrive on site spend less time in the class room and more time on site.

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