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Integrated Risk Management Software

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Go Beyond Compliance

Damstra Safety provides everything you need to successfully manage risk, compliance, and safety information all in one place.

Having 360-degree visibility into all aspects of your safety profile helps prevent incidents before they occur with intelligent workflows and predictive analytics to identify those high-risk areas of your operations. This allows any project risk manager to build a stronger safety culture across your entire organization that focuses on keeping your contractors, employees, visitors, and other stakeholders safe through proactive policies, communications, inspections, and events.

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Within the Safety solution are modules for governance, risk management, compliance management, and claims that provide dashboards, reporting, performance indicators, assessments, audits, skills matrices, operational risk reviews, and other tools that help you build a better safety culture across all aspects of your operations.

Safety is one of the modules within Damstra‚Äôs Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that promotes compliance management in a more intelligent way to manage risk, compliance, and safety while driving productivity, visibility, and efficiency.

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  • Safety dashboards
  • Incident/event planning and reporting
  • Risk/compliance reporting
  • Governance performance indicators
  • Operational risk assessment modules
  • Event register reviews
  • Simple guided workflows for incident investigations including near-miss, injury, and fatalities
  • Compliance audits, inspections, and checks
  • Claims module for contractors, clients, visitors, and employees
  • Tightly integrated with Digital Forms for ease of data collection on mobile devices on or offline

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EPP Solutions


  • Manage all your people and safety claims in one comprehensive module with our risk management software
  • Capture and record hazards, operational risks, and incidents in real time and notify your teams immediately
  • Take digital photos at the source related to incidents, events, and hazards
  • Notify with alerts and receive immediate feedback
  • Improve productivity, increase visibility and actionable safety insights, and proactively address the root causes of safety incidents
  • Track operations, streamline processes, and better adhere to safety governance policies with our risk management software

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