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With Damstra Solo
workers are always protected, and never alone! 

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  • With Damstra Solo your team, and workers will feel protected, connected, and informed, while creating a safer and more productive environment
  • Covid-19 contact tracing enabled through Damstra Solo
  • Identify, locate, and communicate with people no matter where they are
  • Protect in real-time against collisions, falls and dangerous situations
  • Lift productivity with real-time data insights to help inform smarter business decisions and improve workforce performance

Covid-19 contact tracing through geo-fencing

Keep track of your workforce with geofencing & easy site check-ins, facilitate contact tracing, site security and response team alerts.

Get accurate and auditable details of your team's movements through geofencing and beacon technology, and ensure they receive important location-based proximity notifications.

Solo enables businesses to continue in a COVID world, isolate areas of impact, inform individuals that have come into contact with infected individuals, and clean and sanitise affected areas without shutting down the entire operation

Solo enables proactive two way communication with travellers planning on returning to country. 

Travellers can log their latest Covid test results into the app. The app will monitor their location and movements for the period before they travel, during their travel, and while they are back in country. On arrival back into country, Damstra recommends the use of Damstra Access Control technology to check for individuals increased body temperature as they pass through the border: 

Damstra Solo will record all close associations and routes
Damstra Solo
will also manage all communications and monitor the mental health of the traveller and Alerts are automatically created if the app is deactivated
Damstra Solo
allows and facilities the management of travellers for both Managed and Self Isolation

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Solo Wearables

Now available on the Apple Watch ® !

We have expanded our device range with the Samsung Galaxy Watch®, Damstra Solo Watch, to now include the Apple Watch®! 

  • Powerful, integrated & user friendly
  • Gain real-time visibility of workers' location & status
  • Duress & panic alerts
  • Biometrics

Download the Wearables brochure

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Solo Satellite

Continuous connectivity for seamless protection without changing devices

Protected & connected

Protect and connect with your workers even in the most remote areas where standard coverage is not available.
Solo Satellite gives you the peace of mind that workers who travel to, and through remote areas, can get on with the job, whilst knowing they are never alone especially when help is needed. 

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Solo Modules

Lone worker safety

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Lone worker safety

Safeguard your mobile workforce

Protect your mobile workers and get your mobile workforce home safe

  • Check ins, interval reporting & location
  • Duress & panic alarms
  • Real-time alerts when a worker overstays the activity or misses a check in
  • Feel confident you have taken reasonable steps to minimise risks faced by lone workers
  • Reduce your exposure to significant work, health, & safety fines
  • Business rules supporting geofenced zones on smartphones and watches


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Keep your workers safe with constant biometrics monitoring

Help workers improve the way they work, and act instantly when needed

  • Active monitoring of user's heart rate
  • Detection and recording of steps taken during a session
  • Detection of active & inactive metrics
  • Detection of abnormal results & notifications
  • Trending & benchmarking of worker's biometrics

Solo helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your workers' health and insights to improve work conditions.

Fall Detection

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Fall Detection

Continuously monitor workers for falls to ensure their safety with rapid response.

The most efficient emergency response starts with a true fall detection solution

  • Autoalert, notification & location on detection of a fall
  • Advanced algorithms detect upto 22 types of falls
  • Messaging & cancellation to avoid false positives
  • Utilises Samsung Galaxy watch accelerometres
  • Communicate directly across sites & teams

Solo fall detection helps save lives from slips, trips, and falls with the latest technology streamlining alerts & notifications for you to act instantly

Continuous Connectivity

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Continuous Connectivity

Workers are protected and connected even in the most remote areas

Solo Satellite extends the use of Solo Mobile and Wearables so workers are protected whilst in, or in proximity to their vehicle

  • In vehicle wireless mobile router
  • Seamless switch to Satellite when out of standard coverage
  • Start pause & resume a session
  • Raise or cancel alerts
  • Driving behaviour and data is captured

Gain full visibility over your workers safety!

A powerful enterprise level platform to provide real-time visibility

  • Send & receive notifications, and message individuals or teams
  • Easy to use check-ins and user configurable for easy management

For workers and managers with team and individual views

  • Configurable profiles, alerts, reports & session information
  • Geofence zones, Interval check-ins, biometrics, alerts, vehicle collision & driver behaviour

Latest smartwatch technology which includes Solo custom watch face to suit your style

  • Powerful, fully integrated and user friendly
  • Panic alerts, fall detection, check-ins, messages & notifications
  • Available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Damstra Solo Watch, and now on the Apple Watch!

Using real-time data to improve driver safety

  • Automatically detect when a vehicle has been involved in a colission & dispatch help immediately
  • Monitors driving behaviour for workers, fleets & teams to monitor and identify coaching opportunities to help make drivers safer
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How Damstra Solo works

Watch in real time

Falls, trips, & slips have a massive impact on the Australian economy

Total cost


Falls, trips, & slips

Cost per case


Falls, trips, & slips

Total cost


All work related injury in AUS

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Damstra Solo wearables

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Solo contact tracing - Identify, inform, & respond

Quickly Identify, inform, & respond to protect your workers while keeping your business operating. Damstra Solo can be deployed within minutes so you can

  • Identify people and places that have been in contact, & how long people have spent at different sites
  • Inform affected individuals with the built-in messaging platform
  • Proximity alerting to isolate or close areas or sites for quarantine
  • Enable daily health and wellness checks

Case Study

Protecting & locating workers

A major rail company mobilises workers across sites for the construction & maintenance of railway lines where work is physically demanding, and often in hazardous zones with tight time constraints.

A system was needed to protect & locate the workers.

Damstra Solo was implemented which has led to:

  • Increased visibility of workers
  • Protection of workers & valuable assets
  • Emergency management 
  • Better driver behaviour

Damstra Solo was deployed across multiple sites to

  • View workforce by positions, teams & individuals, & identify within geofenced zones
  • Monitor interactions of workers & heavy machinery
  • Use beacons for locating workers , alerts & warnings about critical assets
  • View key worker biometrics
  • Monitor lone workers who can also raise panic alerts
  • Manage & control alerts & incidents
  • Detect, manage & coach driver behaviour
  • Automatically detect & notify collisions

Damstra Solo has transformed the company's workforce management with

  • Close monitoring & real-time view of machinery, teams & individuals through increased visibility and geofencing
  • Increased protection with the ability to act immediately due to the instant location of workers, & machinery, and constant monitoring of workers' biometrics
  • Streamlined emergency management with alerts, updates & notifications
  • Improved driver behaviour through monitoring, benchmarking, & coaching.
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