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Modernize Your Data-Driven Processes

Today’s fast-paced business processes and operations – as well as a continued focus on industrial “green” initiatives – make paper-based forms and manual processes outdated for organizations competing in the digital age. In addition to putting companies at a competitive disadvantage, paper-based processes also increase the chance of safety-related risks.

Damstra’s Digital Forms replaces paper and manual processes with a convenient paperless app that runs on a smartphone, tablet, or PC for fast, easy data capture in the field or on worksites. It automates and digitizes data capture and form population to support virtually any process including inspections, incident investigations, audits, observation training checklists, timesheets, permits, and other workplace safety and efficiency initiatives.

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Being able to capture and track your organization’s data in real time keeps every employee and contractor in the field or in the office informed at all times. The mobile app also lets you track and attend to safety responsibilities anytime from any location.

Digital Forms is a foundational module within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that helps keep your people prepared and workplaces safer.

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  • Drag and drop digital form development
  • AI site assistant and natural language processing
  • Automated PDF output
  • Photo and annotation functionality
  • GPS and date/time stamp tracking
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • VLOOKUP’s for complex calculations
  • Tables for data collection and organization on a small screen
  • OSHA and MSHA mobile forms

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  • Digitize all forms to reduce paper, physical files, and improve data capture
  • Automate checklists and mobilize forms to manage workplace safety with an easy-to-use form editor and customizable templates
  • Eliminate manual mistakes with built-in error checking logic
  • Address all site compliance requirements, including audits and incident management, SWMS and RAMS, and pre-starts and toolbox talks
  • Automate and digitize workflows to save time, reduce errors and rework, and standardize procedures
  • Capture and track form data in real time, keeping everyone in the field and in the office updated
  • Attend to safety responsibilities anytime from anywhere with the mobile app
  • Create custom form checklists to standardize inspections for specific needs
  • Conduct paperless safety audits from anywhere at anytime

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